PRIMA INDUSTRIE Group is a worldwide leader in the field of the laser machinery for the metal sheet cutting and welding applications. The Company operates in the high power lasers and laser machines for industrial applications. Today Prima has about 300 employees and its headquarter is in Turin. A diffused sales and service network is active in more than 60 countries. Prima is still investing into the eco- laser machine concept. In particular, Prima is participating on the workshops for the roles definition about the eco efficiency manufacturing machines. Prima is the laser machine business unit of the Prima Ind. Group.

PRIMA INDUSTRIE has a very large expertise in the application of laser processes, development of industrial laser systems for metal cutting and welding applications; it has experience in non-conventional solutions to reduce the energy consumption, design and application of laser generators and laser machines for special purposes, advanced robot control systems. PRIMA also possesses advanced knowledge in the field of advanced sensors for laser collimation and laser beam control, advanced optical systems for laser beam transmission, configuration and control.

Participates with its machinery division having its main office at
Via Antonelli 32, Collegno (TO), Italy

AMATHO (A.dditive MA.nufacturing T.iltrotor HO.using) is aimed to design, assess and manufacture a novel tiltrotor drive system housing exploiting the features of additive manufacturing techniques. Preliminarily, functional, structural and technological peculiarities of rotorcraft main gearbox housings are analysed and relevant requirements are issued.


AMATHO Kick Off Meeting

Dicembre 19th, 2016|0 Commenti

Politecnico di Milano (via La Masa 1, Milano) plus teleconf. Kick Off Meeting Venue: December, 20th, 2016 Agenda: Welcome participants (G. Sala) AMATHO consortium & staff [...]